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Learning How To learn

Learning how to learn, open your mind to the knowledge world.
Last night, I have been talking with my brother about how do Mexican teachers usually try to teach you a lot of new terms, even if you have not solid bases for that knowledge. And that is a great example of how does the Mexican teaching system works. In that course, I understand a lot of mistakes I usually make when I am trying to learn something new, and what can I do to make it easier, even if I want to learn science. So now, I know what can I do and I'm really hungry to learn new tools and share that knowledge.
Here, we have in my opinion, the most important ideas of that course.

Learning How to Learn

Ego is the Enemy

Ego is The Enemy, which is a cold shower in the morning. The way it talks every term attack, and shreds your ego. Through some stories, Ryan Holiday exemplifies some cases where ego is a determining factor to take their protagonist in a lot of interesting situations. Some of them, are part of pop culture.

Ego is the Enemy is divided into 3 areas: Aspire, Success, and Failure.
As Dantes Inferno leads its reader along paths from heaven to hell.

In the first part, Aspiring talks about how does the ego makes persons aspire to greatness.

Take care of just talking and talk, because talking makes you spend a lot of resources thinking that you are working, but that's fake. Talk is easy, work is hard. Another important part that makes me think a lot, is where talks about holp some other people to be great because you can learn a lot and keeps your humility.

Another interesting moment is when he talks about being a student always because just in that form you can have your open eyes to explore the world. That's a quote usually repeated in that month. My favorite part, a harder part to digest was when he talks about passion. I usually try to make everything with a lot of it, but it's a huge cost because passion is like fire, is great to warm your heart but if it's excessive you can burn everything. Definitively, on that month I learn a lot about be on calm and think before act.

The second part attacks the way how people describe success, and how can they get lost in a search for it. One of the most important things to learn on that part was that ego makes you be blind, because usually, people try to make some other people think they know a lot, so ego blocks learn.
The best you can do is being in a place where you are not the smarter guy because only then you can learn about some other person.
It describes how do people when are success try to hide the hardest part of their stories because failure makes them feel like they are not cool enough, and they just talk about their victories. And that's a big mistake because our failures make us what we are. Another cool part is when he talks about money. It became trouble when you want a lot, but you don't really know why. I really think money must be thinking about what will you do with it, and how can you earn it with no money. And you will see, there are a lot of amazing things that life doesn't depend on money

The third part talks about Failure.

Fail is always hard. We are not usually educated to fail. Because failure makes you an unsuccessful person. But if you think like a student, things change. Because every time you fail, if you analyze and try to learn about why does it happen, then to fail become on experience and experience is valuable

But, ego influence that way to see the world directly. If we think we already know everything, we can’t keep learning. And last but not least, as a bigger ego is, as harder a fall. Because ego usually makes you fly in a bubble, but when the truth comes out people just fall.

I think, that month was a great experience for me because makes me rethink a lot o thing and opened my mind, I a hard process. In Greece, people tell it katabasis, and that happened when a person must go to the deepest place on himself just to find answers. I really feel like that right now.
Thank you Encora, for be our mentors and join us on that travel. And thanks Dayra for makes it easier.



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