Encora Academy 7. Film Edition

Indiana Jones Tavera

Indiana Jones is a fictional professor of Archeology. He decides to discover the Wonders of the World, and live a lot of adventures on it. Tavera is usually like that. When he decides to try some new tools and to explore the coding world, he is bold and focused. Of course, Indiana Jones can fall into some traps, but he found a way to beat them. I am learning of him, a way to face the code and beat him with no fear.

Indiana Jones Tavera

JspringMan (or I broke my pc guy)

Ironman has a lot of tools to get many achievements and beat the troubles. If he has some troubles, he uses his intelligence to create new ways to fix the world. Iron man suit is an amazing machine and is constantly improved. JspringMan has an Ironman suite inside and is full of coding tools. But, unlike Tony Stark, JspringMan has simplicity. I am learning of him, how to learn a lot of tools to use them to think of new ways to fix the world.


There are a lot of fun movies, that makes people be happy together and have amazing moments. Some of my favorite fun movies are The Simpsons Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Megamind, and some others. But definitively, I am going to talk about Shrek Movie. You can see Shrek movies a lot of times, and like an old friend, you are going to feel happy to see it. And be comfortable with it. Wxrthx, have a lot of qualities, and be an amazing friend is the best of them. From Wxrthx, I am learning how to be a better person, a good friend, and an organized person.


If you have seen, The Devil Wears Prada (El Diablo viste a la Moda), you can found a lot of glam in it. There is a lot of color, style and good looking there. But, inside that movie, you can meet Andy (Anne Hathaway), a college graduate who goes to New York City with a lot of dreams. That girl is not only fashion, but she also mixes glam with a lot of intelligence. An she is like Yñez. From Yñez, I am learning how to make projects look awesome, but be useful too. She told me that week, when I use an image on a project, even if it's a prototype, I search for good-looking photos because they can make a project look better, and can make you feel better. It was golden advice.

Team Logo


Here, you can found a very interesting point. There are two routes to the same way. The first one is about the Mexican Movie style. In México, there were a lot of beautiful movies, with a lot of folklore and colors. That kind of movie that takes you back to Mexican history, with beautiful houses and some delicious food. But, at the same time, we can found a lot of sci-fi movies about robots and new technologies. Movies about the universe and technology like Gravity or Interstellar. It’s awesome how does Encora culture think about persons, not only as numbers. Encora has allowed to me work with amazing people and slowly think about them not only like collaborators, even like friends. That is an amazing example of that. That is what I learn with Yell.

Mr. Iau.

Talking about Disney + Launching, there is an amazing movie you can found on that platform. Mulan's movie is a must to see always. There are a lot of great quotes, endearing characters, and a great history. The best character in that movie is Mushu, a red ancient dragon with a cute voice. He is so funny, and he always tries to protect their friends, and make them be better. He is always ready for action and is so powerful, and has a gigantic heart. Definitively, those attributes describe Mr. Iau. I am learning from him, how to be patient to help people and be focused. Tanks bro.

Mr. Iau


Hohan is like an action movie. Just start, and everything goes fast. No much talk, just go for the goal. It's an amazing quality because that helps you to avoid procrastination and go for what you want. That reminds me of a lot of that movie called Blade Runner. In both versions (original and 2049), the lead character just goes to make justice and do what he needs to do. Awesome.
From Hohan, I am learning how to be precise.


Work with great mentors makes your life easy, but feedback is always hard. However, if it comes from great persons, that will make you be better.
Talking about movies, I need to say thank you to Han Solo and Chewbakapankeke (It was hard to think), Ahsoka Tano Chiu, and my Jedi Masters Adán Vader, alfonsObi One Kennovi. & Rafa2-D2. Thanks to be here.

Ahsoka Tano Chiu

“May the code be with you” .



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