Encora Academy Celebration Edit10n

Encora Party

Last week, Encora was celebrating one more year on the road. Usually, Nearsoft celebrated a week going to Hermosillo and making people be together as a team. But this time, covid hates party and everything must be virtual. But we were together in a virtual way, and celebrate a lot.

Happy Aniversary

When you see more than 300 persons being happy and sharing a moment, you can be really grateful to be part of it. Encora, is a house for a lot of developers and code lovers, and it’s a place where you can found a lot of people willing to help you. If you really want to discover it, don't miss the next chance to become an academy. It’s hard, but you will love it.

Extra, Extra

One of the most important things that I have learned in Encora, is taking responsibility for things happening. This time, I must say thank you to all those people who made this week a place to grow and learn about Encora culture. Thanks for making 2020 a better place to live.

Extra, Extra, extra.

Last week, I made my first contribution to an open-source project. Learn about a lot of people making fantastic projects and sharing them with the world, is a good idea to learn about that huge coding world. I think it’s the first step on a long road but is great to know where can you begin.



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