Encora Academy! Week 5

It's nice to see you on that blog! Here, we talk about an Encora Academy Internship and how to survive in a developer word.

Team Work

Be the smartest guy in a team, means you cant learn a lot. I hear that quote some days ago. I don't really think that, but fortunately, I'm not the smartest guy in the town. I just watch some other guys being awesome and talking about a lot of great tools and code languages. But, this is a great place to be, because I am learning a lot and I'm growing as a person. If your team is made up of a lot of good friends, everything is going to be better.

Another day, another coin

To grow is constant work.

Learn about failure.

Fail to learn and then, help some other people to be better.

New Project

Be a professional means that you will make things happen. That week, we started to work wi a new client. Some years ago, I tried to develop an app for a client. I worked a lot, I gave him my weekends and a lot of extra hours but it was not enough, and I fail. It was so hard for me because I really appreciate my client, he was my friend. And I really try. But, this time I am learning why did I fail. You must have a plan and correct tools, develop not only code, even strategies to run to the goal. And now, I think we are working in the right way. It's going to be hard work, but we are on the right way.

Dia de Muertos

In México, the Day of the Death is a moment to remember every person you love that has died. But it's a moment to celebrate that you met them and you have the chance to love them. And is a perfect moment to say thank you to a lot of people to be alive and near you. Thank you to everybody who makes this way easier, and to our dead friends and family, thanks for being there too.

Art and code

When I decided to be a programmer, I really thought it will be a different way to art. But now, I can see the art world with a lot of new tools, that I need can help a lot to make it awesome. I am already working on a project that merges those two worlds and it's so exciting. Think like an artist, but think like a developer is definitive, a great way to see the world.

A Horror Lighting talk

I just want to add, be focused, and mindful is the better way to try. Just work slowly and try to think before talking. Digest your ideas and make your best.



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