Encora’s Academy 8

5 min readNov 25, 2020


Hi everyone! I'm back with a lot of new info and little time to tell you about that enconra’s adventure. Let’s make it.

How do we heal the code?

One of the most important tools on that encora’s academy road is to open your mind to new ways to see the world. About it, this time I watch some videos but I really want to share with you one:

on that video. Dr. Atul Gawande analyzes his art and tries to think about how can he make it better. It’s not only about being the best doctor in the world, is how to make people be better doctors and how to make hospitals be better places to heal people. And here is the thing, if we can analyze our environment with three specific steps, the world will really start to change.

Number one: get information

I really think it's so obvious, or it looks like it is. But, I don't really think we spend time enough on it. Usually, at least in my case, I just take a few data sources and that is not enough. Because if you want to have a general and a specific vision of how does that problem works, you must digest data enough and find some troubles. It's not enough work just with what you think.

Internet of things is an amazing way to get a lot of data from the real world.

Number two: Come up with solutions

Think and work. Try to work with experts and listen to some opinions. Use some tools and make your best. And always think on how can you measure your achievements

Number three: implement solutions

How to make it happen? How to apply solutions. In my opinion, you must never forget what does your environment feels like. Because if you only try to make what you think, and stop listening to some other persons it won't work.

It's so interesting, the way that we think those three steps are happening in the real world. We believe Institutions and workers are living with but it's not commonly true. Because in real work, institutions and education centers are not teaching that kind of tools. They teach you what to think, but not how to think. And sometimes, they just don't teach you how to think, they tell you just to work. That's how humans just survive.

In that month, Isaw some other videos. Here is what I understand about them, and how did I apply that knowledge to my project.

Dear Software Developer

Here is the thing, make a project is hard. But, when you use the correct tools, define your limits, and make great project management everything is going to be easier. The last time I made a coding project, I had a lot of issues. I just tried to make my best, but I had not some specific knowledge that I use on my actual project. I am going to share it here, to help some other guys to code easier (and never forget them).

1.-Set Limits (time, money, effort)

Before you start a project, you must really think about how do you want to live your life once you start it. Not only the first month, even later. That is because, when you start a new work, you can usually be very excited, but when that emotion disappears you can fin a lot of issues. So, before you sign a new contract, think a lot about what you don't want to live and set limits. Think about how can the project change through time and how can you make it less difficult for you. Set how much time are you going to use on it, and think if that is the best option for yourself.

2.-Negotiate Expectations

Can you code me an app? I have a great idea for software! It is a common quote in clients. And usually, there is a huge idea on it. But, when you try to land it on real code can be awful. So, first, you must understand what does your client want. Then, be realistic about your skills, resources, and time. Sometimes, we are just trying to make a client happy, but if you don't mind about yourself it’s going to hurt you. Be clear with client expectations and what will you do.

3.- Be Agile

Before I start working on Encora, I didn't understand what does agile was about. But now, I really think is one of the most important tools to create a project. Because if your mind is in agile mode, you will work with specific goals, measure them, and change your way if it is not the best. You must show your client how is everything walking because it is going to be easier if your mind and your client's mind are not on the same channel. And If you use agile tools, your team can collaborate in a more effective way.

4.- Ask about coding topics (Have mentors)

First, choose a mentor who brings you peace. A mentor must be a person who can lead your way in the correct course when you are wrong or can watch a lot of things you cant. Work with experts and pay them, because it's fair. It may be no money, but try to be grateful at least.

5.- Be specific with deliveries

If you are specific with your delivery, you can be sure if you achieve them or not. If you don't do it, the client always can to add more deliveries and you will work a lot on them with no pay. Be specific.

6.- Be punctual, earn respect

If you are trying to be professional, you must act like one. Make your word count. Even in the programming environment, you must try to check any promise you decide. If you cant earn it, you must talk about it before you fail. Because if you respect your client, you can demand respect.

7.-Don’t overdo (But make your best)

If there are some nice to have, try to finish them. But if you really cant do them, don’t hurt yourself trying on it. Because your body and your mind are very important. Try to have a good schedule, and maybe you will can.

8.-Watch your health

Please, don't hurt yourself trying to achieve the goal. If you feel so bad, maybe there are some things you can use to make it easier, or maybe it's not the place for you. But you are so important, and if you hurt yourself, maybe you can lose more than you can win there. Don't lose your mind on that project, take a breath, and take care of yourself.

9.-Don't sign before everything is clear.

Take a bad decision is so easy. Just keep your mind out, and everything can be a disaster. Take your time to think about what kind of issues can appear and what will you do about it. Because once you sign, a lot of things can be worst than you think. Or better, we don't know, but you will be a little bit more prepared.

And always, make your best.