Encore Academy Round 6

2 min readNov 10, 2020


A Fivel’s Adventure

I am really searching my life prupose. I am so lucky, because encora is helping to me to find myself. I am making a lot of questions about myself and trying to find my center. And i’m going to find it, and i am going to learn the way to make it, because I really want to help a lot of people to be happ

Work, work, work, work

So, here is the thing. One of my favorite parts of developing code is to build solutions to society issues. The, when encora´s masters of universe told me about my first code project on that company, i jumped by happiness. As a part of encore academy, you must develop a project for a real client. Mine, is about an art Gallery. Think about technology and art at same time is gorgeous.

Team Back

Well, we start working woith some new tools in old code lenguajes. I really found that so fun, because im opening my eyes to a new code world. There are a lot of tools and ways to build the world, and they are so deep. And, i must to talk about my team, because they are really cool. I mean, when a team is great, everybody can learn from everybody and that motivates you to work hard, because you just want to be useful and help a lot.

Play well

Every day in Encora is a challenge to do a great work. It’s hard but it’s so beautifull. But, when you go back to some other place and watch a lot of manners to do a bad work, you really appreciate a good work.

*Mental Note: Try to learn about the people, not only what they tell toy everybody. Dig a lot, because there are a lot of gold there.