It’s all about science. Encora Academy Week 4

How about analyze?

There are some ways to become an artist. You start learning basics and then, you try to repeat that over and over again, to make that tools became in part of yourself. If it's so hard and you fail a lot, that means you are trying so fast and you need to try again but slowly. You try to make everything specifically and focusing on technique. If you make it with a lot of dedication and focus, you will be better. Of course, there is an important part. The motivation, there must be a reason that makes you be string, even in the hardest moments. So, here is the thing, if you only try to hide your mistakes, you will never analyze them, suddenly you will never fix them. It's all about science. *Mental Note

Feynman, or how to be a Physics Novel.

Be the best, and discover something that makes the world talk about you for a lot of time. That's the dream? no exactly. But, there is a lot of things you can learn about. First, train your curiosity. Find everything that makes you feel alive and make your heart think why. Then, go to find some answers. Question the world. Think about some new ways to make the thing and try to see, if there are better as actual. Land your ideas on the real world and share not only experience, even life with some other experts. Lear a lot, and apply your knowledge to make this world a better place to live. It's all about science

Dream Big, Act small

To walk a long ride and go far, you must walk step by step. Think and try. work in a fork and add it to the master. Learn something and really add it to the homework. Is a continuous integration of new tools into your life. Because if you try to make everything in just one day, it's going to be so hard. Rome, was not built on a day. And think about the test. Make your hello world once, and keep it to use it every time you need it. And if you know that works, make the next step.

Estar Consciente. Be Mindfulness

Why are you doing what are you doing? Think about what you want to do, your goals. What are you doing right now, and imagine how can It help you to go to that place you will be. To be mindful, you need to understand what are you doing and not only do it because you can. Be mindful, is be autocratic because you understand that if you are not where you want to be right now is because in the past, you didn't focus and you didn't analyze your future. take some gold and work for it. A goal, make you give you a sense. Sense gives you sanity and sanity gives you Mindfulness. It's all about science.



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