My Encora Academy! Week 4

Your best presentation

Its showtime. When you must go out and fight against the world. The only moment in history where your voice can be listen to and your actions can make this world a better place to live. How will you do that? It's hard work.
Let's start from the beginning. What are you and what do you want to share with the world. But the most important thing, why do you want to make it real.
So, when you go out, you must have two things in mind: make people think and feel. But the only way to make people think is to think fist by yourself, and the only way to make feel is feeling. And that must be on you.
What is your gas? what is your reason to make things happen?

Quantum Thinking

The world is an open book. A giant and deep book, with an infinity of knowledge inside. So, it's time to learn. If you spend your time thinking about it, you will just waste time, that can be used to learn, even new ways to learn. So, now you can say you don't know anything about that world, and that is a great chance to start again. Go on, and discover new ways to love, to play, to code, to live. Let knowledge flood yourself. Discover new ways to make what you already know, and be grateful because you can do it. Enjoy just the chance to live it.


Why that Machine is Learning?

Innovation is a perpetual word. Innovation and discoveries will never stop. Then, innovation will be accompanied by why question forever.
Why are we working on that language code, why are we working on that technology, why do robots are learning to be like humans.
I don't really know that answer.
If that answer is just to be richer, or skillful, our work will end when we die.
But, if we are working for a bigger reason everything changes.
Make people's lives better, or at least less hard is an achievement.
So, if that knowledge is used for the people's benefit, it will live so long as human lives, and humans can live forever.

Control Version

If you fail, go back to the last checkpoint. It works on coding.
But, in real life, it's not so easy. So, what you can really do is readjust your way and try to make your best again. Tech changes quickly, people change slowly.

Bite off more than you can chew

Quarantine is hard. If life and make your best every day was not easy, quarantine makes it be in legend mode. So, have principles.
They must be clear. Because they will remind you of the most important things in your life. And people must be always. So, work hard and keep your mental health, you will need that.



Be in encora, has been an amazing adventure and I am just growing a lot quicker. So, if you are thinking on be part of it, just give a chance. And be prepared to change yourself, but change is always hard. If you are reading that, thank you to be here on that rode, let's see you next time. Things will be better then. And if you are Luisenciado or all that great people, thanks for being there too. I really appreciate it.



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