Nearsoft Academy by Encora 10

On Fire Edition

Hi everyone! Today, I will tell you about my open source project and how did I work on it to fix an issue and save the world.

If somebody told people some years ago you will have a radio in your pocket and listen to your radio programs where you want, you had to think It was impossible. But, now the Podcast world is making this world a better place to live if you work in a boring office and you want to kill yourself. An antenna pod is an amazing option.

AntennaPod is a podcast player that is completely open. The app is open-source and you can subscribe to any RSS feed. AntennaPod is built by volunteers without commercial interest, so it respects your privacy while giving you full control.

So, the thing here is, try to think about some people fighting again some giant companies like Spotify or Apple podcast, just to share you a platform to share some ideas and think about the world. When I know about this project I decided to work on it because they have my respect because of it.

How does it work?

Where do you collaborate?

I collaborate on an Issue called: Make update time setting easier to use #4708, where they tried to add an easier way to update podcast content. In the app, actually, there was an awful menu where you must click an option, they can be: Select Interval, Select Timer, or Disable. When you push one of them, another alert is shown. I mean, an alert after an alert is not a great idea.

So, What I did is a colabotarion just an alert, where you can acces to those multiple tools in the same Alert. It was interesting because of the app Architecture. Android apps usually work on Activoties, but in that app, developers work on Fragments. Another interesting thing was about to know how does that Alert connect the data with the storage and think how to set the automatic actualization of those podcast.

On that Week, I learned a lot about how to be on time. Because it was hard to me, I made a plan to detect where are my oportunity areas an how to work on them. I am really gratefull with encora, because on those weeks I learn a lot about Personal development and how to analyze what is happening and make it better. Alseo, i have been working on another issue, about Pandas and Data Science, but I will tell you about it on the next episode. I hope to see you again!

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