Nearsoft Academy by Encora 9

Open Source Edition

3 min readDec 1, 2020


Hi everyone, welcome again to my Nearsoft Academy powered by Encora. This time, I will tell you about open source and how does open source coding makes this world a better place to live (sometimes).

Github, where the world builds software

Github is a place to found a lot of ways to code. When I was a beginner developer, I just went to google and try to find some tools to make my ideas grow. There was a lot of code that you can copy and paste, to make things happen. I had never think about how did that work. Since now.

Open Source World

In a utopic world, people acquire knowledge and try to share it with people. In a utopic world, people work together to fix some issues and make projects easier. Well, Github is something like that. There are a lot of people trying to create amazing free software, and there is where everything happens.

A lot of projects

Surfing on Github, I found a lot of tools that I used some time ago. There are projects like HttpSocket to work with Rest Services in android, Lottiefiles, a library to work with beautiful animations easily in mobile software, Opencv to analyze and manipulate images, Tensorflow, to work with machine learning algorithms, and some others. You can find a lot of hard and amazing projects like Universal Scene Description (USD) from Pixar to create animations or google maps from google. However, there are a lot of amazing projects you can find there. And this is just beginning.

Your stack.

I am a mobile developer. Since I choose my career, I decided to work with cellphones because, when I was a kid I really loved them. When I was a kid and went to the supermarket with my family, I spent a lot of time in cellphones shop. Unfortunately, I had not money enough to buy one. But, some family had and I really enjoyed to play with them, and listen to sounds or play some games. Then, sometime later my parents bought a giant Motorola cellphone and that makes me feel in the future. Sometime later, cellphones became cheaper and there were a lot of new models. I remember a Nokia cellphone, with gaming controllers, it was awesome.

There was another, a yellow beautiful cellphone. Some of the newer cellphones were shell style and there were a lot of amazing models. However, after a lot of time, when I decided on my engineer career, I just want to work with cellphones. What was your favorite cellphone?

Insert Robots Quote here

I really love to code for hardware. I mean, make things move or antennas send data through code is amazing. Watching robots walk or cameras work is always awesome, so when I start studying that some years ago, I felt a lot of happiness. Some years and a lot of code later, I discover in python a new way to create systems. Python is an easy but powerful tool to work with, from hardware control to data science. And I decide to take it as my second code language.

Why do you code?

Let me tell you something, I am in that academy to make this world better. I think technology and coding can be used to create tools to make people’s life easier. So, what I am searching for in a project, is how do I spend a lot of time and resources on it. And now, on GitHub, I spend a lot of time searching not only amazing projects, even projects that make me feel happy.

Good first Issue.

I am searching for my first issue. It’s hard work but it’s enriching too. Probably, I will decide to work in home-assistant/core project for python and ionic-team/capacitor for Java development. However, let’s talk about next time. Thanks for reading!